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Wrath of the Lich King PvP

sell WOW Gold presentation is Wintergrasp, an entire non-instanced zone designed specifically for

objective-based PVP on a large scale. The attack and defend setup is similar to that in the Strands of the

Ancients battleground, but some pretty unique game play mechanics will come into play as soon as you set

foot in the zone. For example, every honorable kill that you score will count toward your PVP rank for the

zone and this in turn will determine which siege weapons you have access to when attempting to take

control of the fortress objective. Furthermore, since the zone will conceivably have hundreds of players

in it at any one time, which increases the odds that one faction or the other will be hopelessly

outnumbered. It’s a tenacity buff will automatically be given to players on the side that's lacking

numbers. The specifics of the buff are still being finalized, but it will be scalable according to just

how massive the gulf between the two factions is, and it'll afford players on the smaller team a boost to

both their armor and their damage output.
  The incentives for capturing the fortress will be numerous, since doing so awards the winning faction

control of the entire zone for around two and a half hours. During this time, that faction will have

exclusive access to a number of daily quests, to a portal between the zone and Dalaran, and to currency

drops from creatures that can be used to purchase gear, mounts, gems, and other goodies. The icing on the

cake will be a raid instance containing a boss that drops both player-versus-environment and player-

versus-player loot that can be accessed only from within the fortress by the faction that controls it.
Toward the end of the session, talk shifted away from features that will be introduced with the Wrath of

the Lich King launch to ideas that are under consideration for future updates. Methods for measuring each

and every player's contribution in PvP settings will hopefully cut down on the number of players leeching

rewards by entering battlegrounds and then going AFK away from keyboard. As in Warhammer Online, you'll be

able to queue up for battlegrounds from anywhere so that you don't have to spend all of your time waiting

around in cities. And, also as in sell WOW Gold, you might be able to gain experience while in

battlegrounds rather than exclusively from PVE content.
  There are big changes coming for sell WOW Gold, and while not all of them are eligible to win a prize

for originality, they promise to breathe new life into the game, and, crucially, they were met with huge

applause when they were mentioned during today's session.

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