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Protection Warrior as Tanking and Raiding

Since the dawn of vanilla sell WOW Gold, the protection Warrior has been the most viable and sought after

tank for raiding. In the same way, it still remains the top tank with the newest expansion: Wrath of the

Lich King. Because of that, the protection Warrior has had many rivals, all vying for the spot of the main

tank at the aspect of raiding in the game. However, both Feral Druids and protection Paladins offer a

wonderful and unique utility to raiding, neither surpasses the protection Warrior in its ability to tank a

boss one on one. More importantly, the Death Knight is the newest addition to the protection Warriors'

competition but this new hero class has not the ability to complete the precision role of main tanking in

a raid over a protection Warrior.
   In spite of that all the rival controversy created by these off tank classes, the protection Warrior is

simply better suited for this duty of raiding. In a raid, the protection Warriors' abilities, balanced

damage mitigation and threat generation make it best suited for tanking a boss. This simple fact has been

proven time and time again over the years by thousands of different raiding guilds testing these other

classes out in comparison to a protection Warrior. It is obvious that there have been exceptional players

of Druids, Paladins and Death Knights that can hold their own against a boss but replace them with a

similarly geared protection Warrior of equal skill and the protection Warrior will come out on top all the

way in regards to making the tedious task of healing the tank easier as well as the fight in general.
   There is one thing to proven a fact that the Protection Warriors are superior in the role of main tank

within a raid over other classes, whereas there're countless spreadsheets filled with intensive

mathematical equations. There are so many proofs of this fact that they would simply be too extensive to

list on this one article. A bit of research will lead any disbelievers to agree with this fact and if the

years of research don't change your mind, simply try it out for yourself.
   With the release ofsell WOW Gold almost four years ago, we have been playing it all the way. In the

game, we have played almost every class, which is made up of two different protection Warriors, a

protection Paladin and a feral Druid. The simple fact is that protection Warriors are the best route to

choose if your goal is to be a main tank during your raiding. Warriors were created to fulfill the role of

tanking. Druids, Paladins and Death Knights are hybrid classes, and their tanking talent trees were only

improved because of the lack of protection Warriors across all servers in general. Hybrid classes don't

excel at one single role, instead they are well rounded and play all three major raiding roles decently

such as DPS, healing, tanking.
   It draws a conclusion that the protection Warriors will always remain the be-all-end-all of raiding and

main tanking.

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