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Warlock Affliction Capabilities

If you want to take down an opponent, there are many different methods as you can use, but having

wizardry in your repertoire is an exceptional skill. As Warlock, there is one thing you note that there

are new patches that allow updates to surface for your character. With pets, you won't find any Demon

Master Trainers on the game at all anymore.
   If you have not the chance to play with your Warlock, the biggest abilities come with casting

continuous spells that create damage during a specific amount of time. These are the Afflictions and

everything you will see. There are fifteen in all and while you would think this is enough, as your

character progresses so will your chances to get higher ranking Afflictions. We'll go over most of them,

but we want to leave something to be desired and keep it a little suspenseful.
   The first one is Corruption. When you make use of the Corruption Affliction method, the Shadow damage

is done, which depend on your level of power. Given that it depends on the rank of your ability, the main

thing is it takes damage off over time while you use other attacking methods. Frankly, you'll want to use

this as a starting point for a character that may be farther away. It is a great benefit to have the

opportunity to take away a substantial amount of damage before they even get to you.
   The second one is Curse of Agony. While many spells create a certain amount of damage, the Curse of

Agony delivers an extensive amount of damage and even though it starts out small it ends up being huge as

time goes by. Unfortunately you can only use this on one target at any given time. We think if you were

able to put this on multiple targets you could take on five or six opponents at once.
   The third one is Curse of Doom. As a Warlock you will notice an added ability that allows you to summon

help whenever you need it. Whether it's a Minion, Voidwalker or anything else these are a great help along

your journey. If you utilize the CD, you will notice something different. All you need to do is that you

hope your enemy gives you XP while pounding an opponent with Shadow damage. When this happens, you can

earn a Doom Guard. Definitely something you will want to have as your character levels increase.
   The fourth one is Curse of Recklessness. Having curses in your bag are helpful, but the Curse of

Recklessness is sick. It will increase your melee attack power and diminish their armor points at the same

time. This is an important Affliction ability to use if you are trying to increase your melee attack

experience. When you do this, you can wield better staffs and wands during your adventure. If you can get

this early on you can have an extremely high melee damage attack before your character increases to higher

   The sixth one is Curse of Elements. There will be times while you are in Northrend that you come across

opponents who enjoy using certain Elements to take you down. Whether it's arcane users, Fire, Frost,

Nature or even Shadow, you can alleviate many of their powers. While this is an important piece to your

puzzle, you will notice it won't be able to be used on any other enemy after you have used it on someone.

You must wait until the duration time ends before starting it up again.
   The seventh one is Curse of Tongues. It makes your enemy talk in Tongues while you beat them to a pulp

with other spells. The main goal is to use this when you want longer duration times for things like the

Curse of Agony. This is a perfect combination because the CA will have bigger damage taken from you enemy

to begin with, but when you use the CT you will give them even higher damage points.
   The eighth one is Curse of Weakness. As we go through each one of these Afflictions you will notice

that only one can be used at any given time. When you take advantage of the Curse of Weakness you will

notice a reduction in your enemy's melee attack power. Even though this will need to be used here and

there, it is not something you must utilize with your character. Plus, we aren't sure the exact amount of

power you will produce. It basically just depends on how high of a ranking this Affliction ability has at

the time you use it.
   The ninth one is Death Coil. If you like to utilize the Fear Affliction ability, you will also enjoy

the Death Coil. Each one of them make your enemy run around for a certain amount of time, but the Death

Coil causes Shadow damage while they are running around. This will give you the opportunity to take away

damage on many other enemies while you focus in on one. Once you have the defeated the main opponent they

will probably come back, but their health will be diminished so you can still have an advantage over them.
   The tenth one is The Missing Links. The Affliction abilities you see above are only the beginning to

your Warlock education. We still haven't covered Drain Life, Drain Mana, Drain Soul, Fear, Howl of Terror,

Life Tap, or Seed of Corruption. Each of them has their own unique features, but we'll give you a chance

to learn some of them on your own. The HT is a great part of your game as you can make all enemies flee in

the area. Okay, that's enough. At the end of the day you have enough material to start leveling up your

Warlock tremendously.
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