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Reasons for Tank and Healer Shortage Part 1

Here we will mainly talk about the reasons for tank and healer shortage in World of Warcraft. Let's take a

look at the following three important reasons.
The first one is that there is the lack of content for new players and new alts, which is the most

important reason why there is a tank shortage. Note that the wave of the new players doesn't happen only

at its launch or expansion release. Given that the majority happen in the mentioned situations, the new

players keep showing up and since there is a very well defined progression path in Wow, the new players

get caught off on the timing and when they reach the real game, they're way back in the progression

compared to everyone else and they will fall upon any of the other reasons and feed up this vicious cycle

of screwed up stuff for new players, thus influencing on how much people will want to tank or heal in

PuG's. It is obvious that there should be more content for new players or event alts when there are

content updates. There would be players willing to run new content at least to see it, thus more people

available to PuG, if the drops were well thought, even catch the interest of each particular class/role to

keep doing it.
The second reason is the negative scalability of tanking gear. This is the holy grail of all Blizzard

messed up decisions, for those that don't know. The better the gear a tank gets, the harder it is for him

to tank in lesser content, the Warriors require rage to use they're skills, rage is built with damage done

by the Warrior and damage taken, since damage done of a protection Warrior is ridiculously low, the only

proper way of getting rage is to get hit, now, by getting better gear, means that either you won't get hit

at all, and when you do, you get hit for less, thus, the amount of rage earned is very low. The same

happens with Paladins, but for different reasons, Paladins use mana, which they get by being healed, so,

less hits, less heal required, less mana earned, less skills used to generate threat. Druids have it a bit

easier as they actually do a fair amount of damage, thus they are better in this situation but, they do

suffer from the same issue, just not that much as they're fellow tanks. Granted, this is being looked up

in Wrath of the Lich King, mainly due to threat scaling with AP, and a talent to help on rage generation

while avoiding, which it should be a passive ability to the defensive stance, not a talent.
The third reason is number of tanks required for raids. This is killing allot of tanks in a guild in

Sunwell, it's really hard for tanks to keep playing the role when you spend several nights a week staring

at a door while the other 25 guys are downing new bosses or killing previously downed ones. Of course

people rotate, if you had 1 or 2 protection Warriors in the guild it shouldn't be so hard, but, what

happens if you have3? It's getting ridiculous, instead of fighting the tank shortage, Blizzard are in fact

cutting off the amount of tanks required to raid, thus, less tanks you will get to a PuG. It's even worse

with Paladins, although feral Druids have it a bit easier, with the odd boss here or there that they can't

tank, but at least they can tank most of the stuff, Paladins are less desired due to the lack of shit

buttons also. Think about it, no serious raiding guild has the exact number of needed class/roles to raid,

there's always 1 or 2 more than needed in raids to cope with people missing, so in the Tier X+1 dungeon

instead of having 4 tanks raiding and 1 or 2 in standby, you get 2 tanks raiding and 3 or 4 in standby,

and in the top of this, makes fights where you either need a protection Warrior + feral Druid or a

protection Warrior + protection Paladin, it's ridiculous this kind of designs from Blizzard, we fail to

see how Blizzard is working on this tank shortage when they make this kind of design decisions, several

guilds lost they're tanks due to Sunwell plateau tank requirements, there's no interest in being on-line

for raids any more when you know you won't raid most likely.

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