Reasons for Tank and Healer Shortage Part 2
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Reasons for Tank and Healer Shortage Part 2

As previously mentioned, we talked about some reasons for tank and healer shortage but now we will

continue to tell of the other reasons for them shortage.
   One is cost versus reward. Many players, especially those without a plate tanking class, do not

understand how much money can be spent in a 5 man, and it always gets higher and higher the better gear

you get. Many players would see this as a minor issue, but for the majority it isn't, specially if we

think that the majority does not respec in a daily basis for 50g to farm some dailies, because farming as

protection, in either Warrior or Paladin is lengthy and becomes boring very quickly, and even for some

without good gear can be hard, now if we think that a player with a tank main, without alts at a level

where money is easy to farm, tanking instances in PuG's can be a tremendous money sink. This is the major

reason several highly geared players don't tank 5 mans with PuG's, there's always that little voice

banging your hear reminding you how painful it can be to PuG and instance with new players, or even

PvP'ers that have no idea whatsoever of how to do instances.
   The other is tanking gear is far more demanding than healing or DPS gear. If we keep in mind that thing

gets even harder for newly dinged tanks at this stage. It's fairly easier to do some runs under geared as

a DPS or a Healer really, a pot here and a pot there, 1 minute more or 1 minute less in a fight, it gets

done in the end really, but a tank without proper gear instantly dictates if the group is capable of

defeating a goal or not, this coupled with how scarce is tanking gear is even worse, Blizzard announces

they're introducing a Death Knight to fight the lack of tanks in game, but they release a content patch

with a new 5 man dungeon where in all loot there isn't a single proper tanking drop.
   The Third reason is the challenging task of tanking an instance. Tanking isn't for everyone, you must

be prepared to keep yourself informed about other classes and how threat, combat mechanics work. If you

don't, you will be a mediocre tank, sorry but there's no other way to be a proper tank, it's not enough to

know that when tanking you need to spam ability X, you need to know how to perform your role the best you

can given your gear, class, group composition and above all, how many and what NPC's you are tanking. Due

to this pressure, people just can't be arsed to do such a task, it's far easier to roll a class that can't

tank, and spam 2 or 3 buttons to DPS than to tank.
   As above, we make mention of those reasons, which are directed towards the tank shortage, the healer

shortage is directly related to the tank shortage. The reason is that healers have to keep people alive

and often not a single word of gratitude is said when something was done good or a goal defeated, but the

quality of the tanks at this stage that accept doing PuG's are either geared and are impossible to keep

alive or they're filled with PvP purples that are only good to spam hamstring on NPC's and throw out some

font only big crits, which in turn makes the healers task even more harder.

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