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It is a bit difficult for you to find and get to Thunder Bluff, for it’s a big and confusing place, but

it opens up tons of good new stuff for your Tauren
  The city is placed high up on a series of four mesas. There are three sets of lifts spaced around the

base of Thunder bluff that provide access until you get your Druid Flight Form. Jump on a lift and up you

go. Notice how high up you go and keep this in mind. Falling off the lift or from the city edge will

result in instant death for the young Druid. You will no doubt see the corpses of those poor souls who

were not paying attention or tried to make a lift at the last second. A lot of these guys buy the farm

trying to jump on top of the lift as is goes down. Try that little move at your own risk.
  You'll quickly see there are four major areas in this city connected by rope bridges. The three exterior

areas are The Elder Rise, The Spirit Rise and The Hunter Rise. As a Druid you’ll be most interested with

The Elder Rise first for the Druid Trainer. The center mesa, also known as the Central Rise is divided

into three different sub-areas by height. In the center of the Cental Rise is a gigantic Totem Pole

looking thing that acts as a massive spiral staircase for access to the different levels of the Central

Rise. When attempting to go from one part of the Central Rise to the next simply head for the center and

go up or down in the Giant Totem. The three outlying mesas are accessible via rope bridges that you get to

by going through a long house (you'll see them on the map). Its kind of confusing but give it a chance and

you’ll get it.
  Just like in most major cities around the sell World Of Warcraft Gol keep an eye out for guards. They

will be able to tell you where most everything is in the city including profession trainers, supply

vendors and more. This is a great place to pick up all of your professions (cooking, first aid and

fishing) and choose your two main professions as well. There are vendors and trainers for everything.

Also, be sure to set your Hearth stone at the inn here to save your self the run from Bloodhoof next time.

This city is going to be your base of operations for your early to middle 10s so get a comfort level with

the layout and what it has to offer.
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