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Death King Ghouls

One of the most exciting aspects of your Death Knight is ghouls. Here is a handy ghoul guide to get you

  At level 56 your Death Knight will learn the Raise Dead spell. This spell will allow you to summon your

own ghoul. The spell does require either a nearby humanoid corpse to work, or Corpse Dust that you can

purchase from a reagent vendor - so make sure you have a ready supply on hand at all times in case there

are no corpses handy.
  If the ghoul that you summon doesn't die sooner from damage, it will remain active for 2mins and acts

like other summoned guardians, rather than pets. This means that they are unlike warlock and hunter pets

in that they are not always able to be summoned and they are not under your direct control.
  However, you are able to make certain investments to improve your ghoul with your talents. By spending

your talent points on Ravenous Dead, you are able to incrase your ghoul's survivability and damage output.

Master of Ghouls will transform your ghoul from a guardian in to a real pet. It is only with this spell

that you will gain a pet spell bar and full control over it and its abilities.
  Also, it will remain indefinately active as long as it does not die. The only draw back here is if your

ghoul does indeed die and the cool down on Raise Dead is not yet up. The last option to spend talent

points on your ghouls is Night of the Dead. The mechanics of this talent is rather strange, but the effect

is that your normal spell rotation will reduce the cooldown on Raise Dead so that it no longer has a

cooldown. It is important to remember that you will not be able to ever have two ghouls active at one time

and you will not be able to control them without Master of Ghouls, but you will be able to have a ghoul

permanently at your side. It is probably a waste to get both Night of the Dead and Master of Ghouls unless

your ghoul is constantly perishing within the 5 min resummon cooldown.
  Currently there is only one glyph that you can obtain to improve your ghoul. Glyph of the Ghoul will

further increase your ghoul's damage. This glyph is only useful if you are going to incorporate your ghoul

in to your play style and invest talent points in your ghoul.
  Your ghoul's abilities are under your control through talents. Controlling your ghoul mean an extra

spell bar of abilities to manage if you want to take full advantage of it. The most interesting ability is

the 3sec stun with only a 30sec cooldown that should prove to be valuable in arena:
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