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Discovering Special Items

In sell WOW Gold, there are the specific items which are incredibly useful and hidden in various places.

Not to mention you have the ability to sell these items at the auction house or to vendors so you can make

extra money for your quests. So we ill mainly make mention of one guide which tells you how to locate

them. Let us get down to it.
   Black lotus can be found in Winterspring. You'll want to look for it near the cave of the blue dragon.

This is the best spot, but you can also find it in the Badlands and the Eastern Plaguelands.
   Blood of the Mountain can be found by mining the Dark Nodes. It's in the Searing Mountains. It is

important for quests in the later part of the game, same as for those who are at the peak of mastering

their professions. It sells extremely well in the Auction House.
   Dark Runes are a keeper. They are vital object in this game and have a high amount of demand. You can

have them by assassinating mob in Scholo.
   Essence of Water can be found in Felwoods and mobs in this location have a high drop rate which makes

it very profitable to go after them.
Larval Acid can be easily sold for roughly 10 wow gold pieces, so this is another thing to look for. This

can be uncovered in the Plaguelands by grinding slugs. Drop rate here is in fact high, so this is a great

idea to earn world of warcraft gold quick.
Stonescale Eels can be pretty hard to find and you'll need to try to get them late at night for the best

results. Look for these on the coasts of Kalimdor. You can usually get around 1 gold piece for each one

that you find.
   It is very important for you to have a good strategy to make the most money when you are going to need

to sell these specific items in the auction house for the best results. In certain extents, you are going

to want to sit back and watch for a few days even if you are not familiar with how the auction house

works, which sound that this will give you an idea of pricing and demand.
   Whether the prices of items are on the high side or on the low side? In other words, you do not price

your items too high or too low. The auction system will automatically give you a base price and you will

be able to make a decision if you want to price it a little higher or a little lower. It is a good idea to

schedule your auction during this time while the middle of the night can be very slow.
   On the other hand, you do not flood the auction house with too many similar items. It can be tempting

to want to dump everything you have and move on but this is not a good strategy. In case you can begin

with one of each of your more popular items and maybe three or four of the more common items. Simply put,

you'll have a better chance of getting better prices if you don't saturate the marketplace with your


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