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World of Warcraftspecific search engine to enter the testing

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Bing may not be worried about Google and the birth of its self-inflicted much of an impact would be, but

sell WOW Gold really dedicated search engine. Mrgl-Mrgl! This new search engine, now in Beta testing

stage. The north wind tundra to the king of fish were Muga Mu NPC named search engine search results is

limited to WoW-related information, is divided into five categories: web pages, images, videos, forums and

articles. Users can type is not necessarily with the WoW-related keywords, and then popular with the sell

WOW Gold sites will be displayed sell WOW Gold.
  Mrgl-mrgl search results may not necessarily be compared, such as Google and the like from the players

union Web site or web log like a lot of information to obtain better search engine, but its search results

more precise and limited to WoW news sites, forums and YouTube, the video label with WoW. Although I do

not determine the establishment of such a sell WOW Gold search engines would like Wowhead such a database,

WoWwiki like Wikipedia or a forum for follow-up is as important as the Blue posts, but if it is more

focused on a more organized collection of information, it will have longer necessary. Maybe next time when

we need to check with the game-related information, we just need to Mrgl it.

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