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Some skills about master chef

There are a lot of good skills to earn sell WOW Gold, and I believe you have those special skills. Now I

will talk about the skill about master chef.
At first, I will talk about 200-300 levels cooking raiders. Master cooking tasks: Garrison hotel pick. 225

- 250 levels: fried red fish gills needs formula can be brought in Booty day. The next is 250 - 275

levels, which poached salmon scales need yang formula can be purchased in booty day. 275 - 300 levels:

grilled salmon need 25 levels formula can be purchased in the fort hostage.
  There are three fish in the western plague lands and eastern plague lands at the junction of the river

fishing. The shore can be caught in the western plague lands. You can catch the plague in the east coast.

Cooking and fishing 300 future training book Marsh in the camp to buy in the wow.
300 - 325 smoked salmon needs formula in the camp to buy fish caught in marsh. 325 C 345 levels, beef

barbecue, cleft hoof needs formula in the camps to buy barbecue cleft hoof cattle daily cooking tasks can

be used later, so you can not fish washed.
  Cleft hoof cattle have a certain probability of falling. 355 C 370 levels, spicy crawfish needs formula:

hotel boss Halle berry ratio, trekker forest. Wild lobster is mixed in trekker forest in the highlands to

the fish hook inside a fish with two.
This is my skill and I hope it can help you more or less. At last, I have several words to say. You need

have enough patience to learn the skill, because you can not learn it just for a time. I hope you have a

good time and earn a lot of sell WOW Gold in this game.

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