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Hard to forget things

 sell WOW Gold is a game I played so many of the most fun a game. Fun is not it that the skills to

attract, beautiful scenes, but life on the current currency, also because of her. After they married, I

started with her between us sweet life.
  Between us can say that never fights with each other for each other are very good, I really thought we

would become a model husband and wife inside it.
  during that sweet day, I feel this life, No regrets. In almost every inch of land, have left our mark,

leaving us the sweet, leaving us the most can be considered cheap gold in the beach. This is my take her

to the beach, and on her that she was not happy, because I liked the sound waves seems to spread to my

heart, like, so I feel very comfortable, as if troubles are far fewer.
She also likes the sound waves, so we tired, nothing to do it, often will come to this piece of quiet

beach to sit down and listen to the voices of those waves.
  There, we each talked about their real life, although not say about everything, but he was there to

understand. Has come to this day, I found myself no longer go to her obsession, and psychological grew

more and more uncomfortable in! I clearly know that we can not possibly together, and if allowed to

continue, I am afraid I can not get away, but also fear that affected her life. So, I chose this piece of

quiet beaches end everything.
  That day I have come to us about her favorite beach, played on the beach lit torches, it seems enveloped

in a romantic atmosphere. We sat on by the sea I told her I want to leave.

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