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Burning it Gurubashi Arena chest falling objects processing

 1: Regardless of whether the other side with the camp, down to the arena pit shall be to kill the

object. (The same camp in the stands of course right, Head Office has a long sword dangerous strategy )
  2: In the arena of the pit, we are all targets without honor. (You want to gain honor is to kill the

hostile camp, pulled a sword that stands head and so marked disappearance of scrapping the bar )
  3: In the pit attack you with the camp is normal, please do not mind imbalances, saying he was just

curious like that. Watch the fun please go to Taiwan. In the pit feel insecure, which so many tube.
  4: The box has been took the same camp, keep your body still malicious. Hurry to leave the pit dragging

dead the name bar from green to see if he do regarding how youWoW Gold
  5: box refresh time is 3691215182124 the whole point of the little man from the Gurubashi Arena Sirui Er

Yue Hanmi placed in Gurubashi Arena central (refresh every time the person in the Stranglethorn Vale both

his propaganda of the)

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