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About Hunters

Simply put, the Hunter class is a perfect match for the scores of wild beasts that roam the vast

wilderness of Azeroth in sell WOW Gold. Their lightening quick reflexes, deadly accurate aim, and vast

knowledge of the beasts of the land make the Hunter an extremely well balanced class. Not only do Hunters

are a cunning solo fighter but they are also an excellent addition to any group as well as an extremely

challenging Player vs. Player opponent when effectively played. 
   Hunters are deadly marksmen, capable of bringing their enemies down from a distance with bows or

rifles. Skilled survivalists, they can track enemies or lay traps to damage and entrap their foes. Hunters

also possess a primal connection to the beasts of Azeroth, capable of taming and training them to keep as

loyal guardians. Wearing light to medium armor, Hunters can also dual wield weapons in combat, fighting

beside their pets in battle.
   Hunters are also skilled in a variety of ways that make the most of the wild environment in which they

are accustomed. Probably they are best known for their mastery of animals. They possess the abilities of

tracking and taming them but they can befriend the various beasts of the wild. Spiders, tigers, unicorns,

raptors and other various creatures can uniquely bond with a Hunter and become a close traveling and

fighting companion. Hunters only travel with one pet at their side and they invest much time and effort

into developing their pet’s abilities and raising their strength. There are a plethora of various

creatures for the Hunter to seek out and adapt with in World of Warcraft.
   Without a doubt, Hunters only wear the lightest of armors and therefore they are extremely agile and

are lightening as quickly as possible. They have the ability to hold a variety of defensive maneuvers and

have a huge assortment of weapons at their disposal that can be equipped in either  or both of their hands

at the same time. They are capable of making use of guns or bows and they are highly effective trappers.

When it comes to the ranged weapons, they are absolute masters and they sport abilities that can enhance

their effectiveness.
   But for Hunters, trapping is a great ability but it is a tricky thing for them to make use of traps. To

certain extent, traps can only be placed outside of combat and then they can only be used one at a time.

You must strategize before the battle even takes place because of this limitation. For most of the

Hunters, they can make use of the Immolation trap at some point along the way but it is not the only one.

In other words, different traps have differing and various uses. The Freezing Trap is excellent for its

slowing effect and the Immolation Trap is a simple single target damaging trap. Even though they become

increasingly ineffective in the higher levels of World of Warcraft, they can still make a huge difference

in various situations.
   In a nutshell, the Hunter class is filled with usefulness and cunning. They are able to make a great

addition to any group and their unique skills are an awesome contribution to the various groups and

communities of World of Warcraft with these expert ways of the land.

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