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Wind Mage-Priest Rune of Magic Part 1

Those who have played the fire Mage/Priest build know how pretty basic and straightforward that builds

can be. But here will test and play this build in depth and have a lot of success and failures. It is true

that the wind Mage does not deal is much pure damage as the fire Mage that they are much more useful in a

number of aspects of the game.
   When it comes to Player vs. Environment in the runes of magic, there are good news and bad news about

this build. When you are fighting solo it is very difficult for you to level and do quests. You just don't

do enough to pure damage in DPS to kill monsters effectively. Later it is so bad once you have unlocked if

rising tide in the game. However, it is up to you to make a choice and you can pick either flame or plasma

arrow, which is your main damage dealing spell and will more critical, fast cast time, more charged states

but less damage. Flame is a constant high damage dealing spell and will help you earlier on but not so

much when you start upping your wind knowledge. If you have enough money for a skill reset stone you can

start with flame instead of plasma arrow.
   One of verse one leveling your damage dealing spells is pretty basic when doing quests. You can end up

just using a macro of starting off with electric bolt and then just spamming plasma arrow until the

monster is dead. You can also use lightning followed by meteor shower and plasma arrow to kill enemies

also but on average each monster takes about 5 seconds more to kill than a fire Mage build. Area of Effect

is where the wind Mage shines, you can own in these parties and can level speed fast through dungeons and

instances with CC and massive Area of Effect spells. 
Maxing out discharge kind of damage when coupled with wind knowledge and also gives a five second stun to

your enemies, which your party members will love when battling bosses. Thunderstorm is one of the skills

at your disposal, which inflicts slowdown in movement and attacks your enemies for 5 seconds. The way is

start off with the thunderstorm AOE and since it's channeled when enemies get close enough to cancel your

channel that up with discharge, causing the 5 second stun then you can follow that up with another

thunderstorm, you'll usually be able to dispatch your enemies on the second thunderstorm with no trouble

at all. If not, you can use electrostatic charge and holy aura and wait for discharge cooldown. Rinse and

repeat until they have all died.
   Speaking of Player vs. Players, you may not think that the wind Mage stands a chance in it but you may

be surprised. There are many PvP skills that the wind Mage has at his disposal such as Fireball,

lightning, silence, elemental catalysis, electrostatic charge, plasma arrow, discharge, electric bolt,

meteor shower, electric explosion, electric compression, static field, energy influx, elemental weakness,

energy well and thunderstorm. You won't have the pure high damage output but you have a wide variety of

high damage stuns that will wear down your enemy until their death. You are able to rain down

thunderstorms and discharges and watch countless enemies drop dead to the ground because group PvP is more

than a rush with this build.

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