Wind Mage-Priest Rune of Magic Part 2
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Wind Mage-Priest Rune of Magic Part 2

As previously mention, we talked about wind Mage/Priest rune of magic part one so we are here to tell of

the part two in detail. Let us get down to it right now.
   This is for the fact that most of the players have a slower response time and their mind goes blank

when they realize they are under attack when initiating a PvP battle against another opponent of their

favor to dispatch him as quickly as possible. Such being a case we will get into a macro for the wind Mage

for the opening series of spells that can be cast to destroy enemies. First, we start out with electric

bolt followed by instant casts of fireball and rising tide then 1 or 2 plasma arrows until your opponent

starts to attack back. Second, the macro will be lightning, which will root your opponent and allow you to

get off at least two more plasma arrows. You are capable of using discharge and giving your enemy another

five second stun, which assumes you have an electric compression stored you can cast two more plasma

arrows followed by static field once your opponent is unrooted.
   Using urgent heal and regenerate spells, you have anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds to store another

electric compression since your static field will be leveled quite a bit more than with the fire build.

You have the ability to start beginning macro over again if your opponent has not been destroyed once you

are ready. You can use silence, thunderstorm, elemental weakness, energy well, energy influx, and electric

explosion at your discretion. It is a good idea to use energy well, energy influx, elemental weaknesses

before you start your opening PvP macros. To use lightning and channel galaxy clean up any remaining

points your opponent might have is a good finishing combo, which works very well, you may play with a

little bit to find the best series of spells and techniques that work the best for you.
   You know that the wind Mage has a ton more options during PvP that you might not have guessed. On the

base of the probability of issuing critical magical strikes upon your opponents, there is a certain chance

that the wind Mage times will more damage than the fire Mage.
   How to forced PvP upon you? The easiest way to deal with someone who is forced PvP upon you is to hit

them with a static field as quickly as possible. A good habit to get into is to try to remember to always

have an electric compression stored. Given that you have not the ability to make use of static field you

have a couple of options, the only real option you have against ranged attacks is to silence them and use

plasma arrows on him to gain the ability to static field. The best way is to static field him with

electric compression stored. If you want to try to eke out as much damage as you can before having use

static field you can hit them with a discharge if they are melee-based followed by thunderstorm. Then just

done them with static field, make use of heal or regenerate and start your PvP macro that was discussed

earlier. Rogues and scouts will become your worst enemy when they forced PvP upon you because of their

Damage over Time attack strength. You have only real chances to fast response time and quick thinking to

slow down their DPS, allowing you to start inflicting your own barrage of attacks.
   Simply put this is a very fun build and can be used very quickly to level when played properly. Enjoy

this build in Runes of Magic.


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