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World of Warcraft : TCG Expands With Ninth Booster Set


The new set features an honor theme with honor based locations, popular battlegrounds, as well as the inclusion of Death Knight armor and weapons.

Three new loot cards are also available: the Path of Cenarius allows players the interesting ability to leave a trail of flowers wherever they walk. The Ogre Pinata allows players to spawn a pinata that when beaten explodes into character buffing gumballs. And last but certainly not least, is the El Pollo Grande, which is basically a magic rooster mount. Excuse me, a giant, magic rooster mount. Giant.

The full press release is available below:

Upper Deck Proudly Announces

The Latest World of Warcraft?Trading Card Game

Expansion Set: Fields of Honor

Ninth booster set launches Worldwide Today!

North Las Vegas, NV (June 30, 2009) ?For what reason does a hero fight? Some battle for their pride, and even more for greed. Some seek revenge for the past, while others strive for a brighter future ?either to take, defend or merely survive in. A hero fights for many reasons, but one motivation encompasses them all: having something to live for, or die for. You must discover your own reasons on the war-torn fields of honor. The Upper Deck Company is pleased to announce that the next World of Warcraft?Trading Card Game expansion, Fields of Honor, launches worldwide today. The ninth booster set in the World of Warcraft?TCG, Fields of Honor continues the third year of the award-winning trading card game with all-new content focusing on the popular battlegrounds including a new Honor theme, Honor-based locations, and the introduction of Death Knight weapons and armor in a booster release.

Hitting store shelves this week, Fields of Honor introduces a new way to play the World of Warcraft?TCG: Warsong Gulch rules. Use your existing World of Warcraft?TCG cards with an alternate rules set, which will be included on some UDE Points cards. Horde and Alliance Flag cards will be randomly inserted to assist with this fun style of play.

In addition, Fields of Honor boasts three new randomly inserted Loot cards that will mean more opportunities to open cosmetic upgrades for your World of Warcraft?online character. The new Loot?cards include:

Path of Cenarius ?This consumable and ultra-common Loot?allows the online character to spread positive energy around with nature抯 gift. When you feel like putting more warmth, cheer and growth around yourself, right-click the consumable to leave a remarkable trail of thousands of bright colored flowers where ever you go. Enlighten your environment with flower power!

Pi馻ta ?The uncommon Loot?card is the ultimate party animal in World of Warcraft? With this Loot? the character can set up this Ogre Pi馻ta on its own little portable tree anywhere and let loose. Use magic or melee to just attack it until it explodes and rains candy gumballs. Eating them will buff the character so that it chews gum and blows bubbles!

El Pollo Grande ?By getting this epic Loot?card, the character will ride a mount not seen anywhere before. Forget about the Kodo, Frostsaber and Hawkstrider. Your MMO character will ride a rooster ?a giant, Magic Rooster!

For more information on Fields of Honor and other Upper Deck World of Warcraft?TCG products, visit www.WoWTCG.com.

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