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Earthrise : Question of the Week: Teleportation


This week we transport in as fast as we could to cover the subject of instant transportation - teleportation, that is. How is teleportation handled in Earthrise, where would teleports be located, who could have access to them. Are they guild based or individual based?

Enterra is a huge island - even with a moderate vehicle at your disposal, it takes quite some time to walk (or run) across the island especially when in a hurry. With teleportation available, many players will choose to instead instantly transport, even with associated fees. There are two types of teleports - small, short-distance teleports, meant to transport players from one location to another within a single zone (a must for larger zones) and large, long-distance teleports that allow players to cross the whole island. All teleports interconnect in a complex network, with each interconnection costing depending on the distance covered, so a trip around the island may cost a considerable sum. Teleporters are not for grabs - they are heavily guarded and Factions make them available for both their faction and neutral players, with only teleporters to their own faction city being forbidden for players of the opposite faction.

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