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World of Warcraft : Faction Switch Service Coming


There are a scant few details about the service so far, the Blizzard rep who posted about it on the forums seemed to just want to let everyone know it was coming. The gist of it is you should be able to switch your character to the opposite realm and have him be roughly equivilant to how he was on his originating realm. All other specifics are pretty much up in the air at this point, including pricing.

We wanted to give everyone a very early heads-up that, in response to player requests, we’re developing a new service for World of Warcraft that will allow players to change their faction from Alliance to Horde or Horde to Alliance. There’s still much work to do and many details to iron out, but the basic idea is that players will be able to use the service to transform an existing character into a roughly equivalent character of the opposing faction on the same realm. Players who ended up creating and leveling up characters on the opposite factions from their friends have been asking for this type of functionality for some time, and we’re pleased to be getting closer to being able to deliver it.

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