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WoW The Argent Tournament

  In patch 3.1, a new world event titled "The Argent Tournament" will be coming to Northrend! This tournament will be live on the 3.1 PTR and open for testing, though certain aspects are still in development. Players will find a host of new features here, including:
  3.1 patch will be staged a new world event "The Argent Tournament". The world event will be on-line PTR to test, but some content is still in development. Include the following:
  The ability to prove your worth to a capital city of your choosing through our new mounted combat system (still in development)
  New daily quests to construct the great Argent Crusade coliseum for glorious battles to come
  All new rewards - new items, titles, banners, tabards, pets, mounts, and more
  All new achievements
  Many more festivities, and more to come in future content updates!
Players will find the Argent Tournament in Icecrown. Speaking to any Northrend flight master will get you on track to prove your worth to the Argent Crusade, your faction's leaders, and all denizens of Azeroth!

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