UK game developers call on the Government to cut taxes
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UK game developers call on the Government to cut taxes

  If the competent authority for the UK game industry did not provide timely help, may make this the world's third game of the developed countries dropped to fifth place.
  The remarks are the United Kingdom Tiga Games industry organizations put forward, the report said the United Kingdom market conditions make this industry is faced with competition from foreign rivals in a very serious disadvantage. Report points out that the United Kingdom in order to allow the gaming industry flourished, the need for game developers to provide financial support to attract more talented people and government in the provision of tax concessions.
  Tiga through the survey found that 41 percent of developers surveyed said foreign governments would give local developers grant to support the local game industry. 31% of the respondents said the tax burden in the United Kingdom is a problem.
  Tigao Chairman Richard Wilson doctor analogy: "The English Game makers like hand tied behind are competing with others." He pointed out that the United States, France and the Korean government for the Games has provided tax relief.
  The report specifically pointed out that recent Canadian game developers in the world rankings than the strength of the United Kingdom, and Korea are also hot pursuit behind the United Kingdom, a great catch-up trend. Dr. Wilson said that if the British Government for the game developers can provide 20% of the tax cuts, would be a good start.
  Tiga report also pointed out that the lack of suitable talent is also constrained the development of British game industry reasons. Has 63% of the respondents indicated that in the past 12 months it is difficult to find suitable employees. In particular, 74 percent of the respondents indicated that very difficult to find suitable programmers. In order to solve this problem, Tiga organizations proposed in the report of the United Kingdom Government to strengthen the School's math and computer science education, at the same time to reduce the university higher education improve math and computer science professional fees, to encourage more students to study these professional and industry to join the Games.

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