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WoW The first mission to do Heilonggang

Really pleased to celebrate under the , because although the full job ready with a Valentine's medicine and food, but to seize the time to refresh heard before 110 into the third stage, killing boss End nervous on the red one, and everything forgot to eat.
  And relying on luck ~ one-off swap Heilonggang Girl
  Ha ha!What luck then refresh that are 110 and 60 ~ of the brush when I Heilonggang has been hit by 42% a. also flying in the inside, so it really is called luck!
  As far as I am for this experience to bring the dark ~ If the card on heroes and conquer the mark, I guess that can basically do not add up blood, I only brought the imprint to conquer.
  Unless RP living was very poor even spray, I wear a heated kang plus four sets of claws 225
  Plug-time statistics are not accurate ~ I when the third stage of opening, and I can not remember the third phase of just less than one minute playing up the meeting claws, that is my time 46 minutes about.
  Also, I am very poor output means ~ 5 bloodshed often , down Zhi roar often forget to add the blood to be interrupted several times to fight to fly, Ningyo by fear, at least 3 times that if the rational use of the skills should also be a little more time to upgrade.
  Nga dawn of magic thanks to the post pointing
  PS: precision is really very important, although the useless plug-in statistics, but I feel at least 5% of the skills were not hit, therefore, in ensuring the viability of the premise, the full heap accurate , armor really did not necessary heap, 20K3 and 10K8 armor of armor on the Black Dragon is no difference, 75 percent were injury-free, sand point dodge it!

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