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WoW PVP tactics on Fighting Classes


When selecting your server, it is a choice you made whether you would like to take part in Player versus Player combat constantly. Playing on a PvP server leaves you open to attack and it can be annoying to have your questing interfered with by unwanted PvP. On regular servers this is not the case, and one faction cannot attack the other without question. However, you can still choose to participate in PvP by joining a Battleground, by joining or creating an Arena team at level 70, or by joining the world PvP in Outland. Warlocks are quite good at PvP, but are really difficult to play. You are so many options, so many choices that have to be made in an instant. The smallest mistake can mean defeat.

If you are fighting a Priest or another Warlock, Shadow Ward can help to absorb damage, and to prevent spell interruptions through DoT damage. Here you can sell World Of Warcraft Gold. Fear and Seduce are on the same diminishing returns timer. Using either Fear, Seduce or a combination of the two more then once will make their duration shorter. 50% shorter on the second cast, 75% on the third cast after which the target is immune to both for 15 seconds. Collect the honor points required to buy an Insignia of the Horde/Alliance, and you will have a means to break free of crowd control once. Get a Minor Speed enchantment on your boots. It will allow you to run slightly faster than those without it. Consider using a Spell stone. You have to give up your wand for it, but the ability to get rid of a slew of dots with a single click is quite valuable.

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