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Various Abilities and AoE Tanking in WoW


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In both rotations you'll want to remember Recklessness as well for some fast aggro on a single mob, especially combined with Impale. You could pop it just before a pull to give yourself a nice lead before dps starts. On the same note remember that the Orcs racial Blood Fury no longer has a healing penalty and provides a decent tps boost for 15 secs.

Lastly, Berserker Rage is now usable in all stances and provides not just the immunity to fear, sap and incapacitate effects, but also extra rage from being hit for 10 seconds. Extra rage for no cost? Something to pop whenever you don't have enough rage for any of your abilities. Alternatively, and a tactic you have been using more and more frequently, you can pop Berserker Rage right before you Charge into a mob. A typical pull will be Bloodrage–Heroic Throw–back away from the mob–Berserker Rage–Charge. This pull-style will provide you a very large amount of instant rage for that instant threat, and keep the rage coming in for those 8-9 Berserker Rage seconds, with no drawbacks.

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