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Warriors information in WoW


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To begin with, you will make use of Shield Slam whenever it is up. Here you can buy wow gold. As soon as SaB procs, you make use of SS. You'll also note that Shield Block, instead of a panic button, is much more important as a way of increasing your SS hits. Secondly, you will use Revenge every time it is off cd, except when you can do SS instead. Followed by this you will want to make sure you put 5 Devastates on the dps target. As soon as the Devastates are on your switch to Conc Blow, Shockwaves, and Heroic Throws in between the SS and Rev cd, only doing a Devastate to keep the debuff on the mob or when all else is on cd. Devastate is useful in the sense that they proc SaB, but Rev does the same thing for a lower cost. Obviously you'll be using Heroic Strike as your rage dump whenever you can.

The biggest change to the rotation, therefore, is the changing role of damage to supporting ability instead of main ability, and the SaB proc providing a reactive part to your tanking. Here you can get the most secure sell World Of Warcraft Gold. As far as pulls go, you'll follow a certain pattern whenever possible. You use Heroic Throw on the mob you want to tank, you are back off a bit while it runs towards you, and when it is on the spot you want to tank it, you charge in. You pop Shield Block while you're still on your way to the mob and Shield Slam as soon as you reach him for a large amount of instant threat. Now you start your normal rotation. If all this costs more rage then you have, pop Bloodrage first. If you have Gag Order, this pulls caster mobs as well as melee mobs.


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