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Beginners Guide to Tanking- WoW Per Class


Maybe you are a new WoW player, you do not know much about Beginners Guide to Tanking, especially to Per Class, and then we collect some relative information for you, just read them. By the way, if you have the needs to buy the cheapest World of Warcraft gold, please come here. 

On some fights you might not be able to Maul at all if Rage generation is very slow. Here you can get cheap wow gold. That is good, just make sure you maintain Mangle whenever you can, use FFF whenever it is up, hurt to keep the bleed effect up and Swipe the rest of the time.

On many fights, you will notice your rage sometimes spikes to full then flows down to near empty. By the way, you can enjoy professional sell World Of Warcraft Gold. For these fights, you want to make use of your rage in the smartest way possibly by maximizing threat as your rage goes up and down. Really that just means changing between the low and high rage fight orders listed above as your rage goes up and down.

As always, Mangle is still up whenever. When your rage is over 40% to 50%, spam Maul and Swipe. When it is dips are below 40% to 50%, stop Mauling and use FFF until it goes back up. And always keep the lacerate bleed up.

Pay attention: You should always look after the cool down of Mangle and, about 1 to 2 seconds before it is ready to cast, stop using Swipe, Lacerate and FFF and wait for Mangle to be ready. If you do not stop and just enter buttons, you will be likely to push Mangle back a few seconds or more for global cool downs. This affects your threat generation especially over long fights definitely.

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