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WoW Guide to Deathbringer Saurfang-10man


You have not downed him yet, but you will be walking in with just him on the schedule Monday night. Here are some things you experienced:

This week, you were two-healing with a Pally and a different Holy Priest. Unlike last week, this priest was throwing Power Word: Shield on Boiling Blood targets, you threw Sacred Shield on BB targets as well, and you did a better job at maintaining space to minimize Blood Nova. Our best attempt ended with Saurfang at 11 percent and enraged. The good news for you is that you only had him cast Mark once. Fatally, you goofed and when that person died, he was battle rezzed and died again. What you learned is that shields/absorbs, even partial absorbs, seem to block him from gaining Blood Power. Our last attempt went really well, except he cast his one Mark on one of our tanks at the same time that he went into his 30% frenzy; everything fell apart right there.

You also could find best attempts were when you cast Heroism right up front you get that first 30 seconds to just go all out on the boss without having to worry about adds. Here you can buy professional sell World Of Warcraft Gold. There is a lot of merit for saving it for the end, you will have to play around with it a bit and see. Your first attempt this week on him you tried the positioning you used, Garen. Unfortunately, our hunter kept pulling the blood beast through you, forcing you to move and definitely causing a few Blood Nova hits. You ended up further to the sides which meant you could not hit everyone with Sacred Shield when they got Boiling Blood, while your priest was really good with the shields.

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