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Guides of WoW Shaman Class


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In the game, Shamans are reagarded to be one of the most diverse classes. Here you can get cheap wow gold. Known for their abilities to heal, melee DPS, and range DPS, these classes are a great asset to any guild or group. Shamans can strengthen any party, since they do not have to be concentrated on one specific role completely, such as healing. Shamans can also make use of their specific talent trees to further their customization of their character towards healing, melee, or spell casting.

Their primary support to their group, and themselves, are their totems. By the way, if you want to buy professional sell WOW Gold, please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime. These totems offer protection, healing, mana, and even do damage to mobs that come in range of them. Shamans also have the unique ability to resurrect other players and themselves, which can come in extremely handy when in a dungeon or on a group quest.

This class was only available to three Horde races, the Orcs, Trolls, and the Tauren since the Alliance had the Paladin. Alliance players could not play the Shaman and the Horde players couldn't play the Paladin, and the game was set up this way to balance out the field with these types of classes. But, with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion pack, the Horde now has a chance to play the Paladin, and the Alliance now can play the Shaman with the Draenei.


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