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Shaman Elemental Talent Guide of WoW


If you have no time to sell World Of Warcraft Gold, you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. We will try our best to help you. Here we provide you some Shaman Elemental Talent Guide of WoW, hope it could help you.

In fact, there is a cookie spec you can not get it wrong if you look a bit on the net. When leveling try to get the enchantment tree in place from mid 20s. As for where you put your spells that is up to the single player but yours is messy. And your spell rotation is also wrong. Elem mastery-flame shock-lavaburst-chain lightning-lightning bolt-lightning bolt-chain lightning-lavaburst-lightning bolt. Make use of elem mastery once it is off cool down. You should always use flametounge weapon, the spell are not the totem. And always keep water shield up. If you are solo, you will cast following totems; Read non group in macro. You will mostly use two set of totems. You will describle a macro for if you are in a caster group or in a meleegroup where you are the only caster.

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