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WoW:Embers Spear Tower Guide


WoW Tasks: the flame burning embers never spear tower scout Nores want you to use the torch burning forever destroy Huoge Lai plague around the four slots. Destruction of south-east, northeast of, northwest, southwest plague slot task: to recover embers weapon sell World Of Warcraft Gold spear tower Scout Nores to go back pharmacists Huoge Lai package.

Fort houses the largest negative level row 29, 43 You tell him to send the wrong nose pulled than you are forgotten you are the plague of bad news for Adams, captain task: destroy the plague Adams captain order you to throw a bomb hit the five new Ajiamande plague tank, and mine grid Eiji hammer to talk about, he would prepare a Griffon and a bomb to you, go to the plague of the new Ajiamande all deep-fried pieces slot!

WoW Action: Wrath of Sri Lanka Cowen Adams captain  to you in any place in Sri Lanka Cowen use the command Town, emblems, and then with the Town, non-commissioned officers to talk about. Everything ready quartermaster Brevin to you and Wei Dewa fortress Jiergerui Baptist to talk about.

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