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WoW: Wei Dewa Fortress


Next door Xueguai Kou Wei Dewa fortress foreman Bi wants you to go down with broken horn. First go to the snow near the corner to play the cream out four copies of hard goats goat meat, synthetic giant snowman dishes, and then go from 59,13 Wei Dewa mine, killing broken angle in the game sell World Of Warcraft Gold.

Down of the silk thread special to you with 10 group spots Hippogryph down to him. We call him steel birds - found wandering outside in the Wei Dewa fortress of steel feather, use feather spells to learn his secret level. Find your return to the Jiergerui Baptist. Wei Dewa fortress in the sky, point the steel birds use feathers, amulets.

Plunder the weak Wei Dewa fortress trapping are jassan to you with eight stranded prey to him in WoW. Giant road Wei Dewa fortress researchers Eideland to your 4 Runestone giant body search of the ho use of runes. Fort induced Yinweidewa researcher Eideland want you to compare the sample with the broken rune stone.

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