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cHyur: the Major Racial in FFXI


Race for FFXI included five players chosen, namely Hyur, Miqo, Lalafell, Elezen, and Roegadyn. This five races divided into different tribes, have their own culture, habitat, habits and expertise, because of the living environment and historical factors.


MildlanderIt is the dominant tribe in multitudinous Hyur owing to more than half of population. Because the books came into contact with the custom of childhood, so knowledge is relatively strong.

HighlanderNorthern border Heights is their manor, relatively, they are taller and stronger in Hyur. After the tribal city state Ala Mhigo falling into enemy hands, in addition to the exiled mercenary men, other cities have rarely seen their tracks.

Produced by the SQUARE ENIX, scheduled to launch operations in 2010 PC/PS3 online role-playing game FFXI, is published in the debut game of the five ethnic tribes description information for player reference. And we would provide you sell Final Fantasy XI Gil with the fastest delivery.

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