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Career Weapons in FFXI


In FFXI, during your quest to unlock the SAM you get a rusty great katana. This sword seems to be well constructed and seems to have immense power so you set yourself on a quest to restore it. At the end of the quest you have the rust removed and you get your level sell Final Fantasy XI Gil 1 great katana and the ability to use it. The item description would read something like this: Rust-Free Great Katana; Level 1; Damage: 5-8 .You removed the rust from the sword it seems to have great potential.

However, this did not restore it is full power, simply made it usable. At level 10 you get another quest that further restores its power, changing its appearance slightly and increasing its stats to match that level requirements. Now it reads something like this: Trusty Great Katana; Level 10; Damage: 15-21; +1 STR .You have restored some of it is power but it is yearning for more.

The best part is as the game progresses more quests can come to further augment the sword. The whole point of this is to create bond with the weapon much as was the case when swords were used as it will stay with you for the entire your entire career as that specific class. It addresses the problem with WoW in that you feel like your work is for nothing since you raid and raid for weapons only to be replaced with the next one and it addresses the problem of FFXI where many people find it too daunting to gain the relic weapons since it takes forever and a half to do. It is a sword that you will replace every now and again but you will always go back to it as it is power increases. The same process can apply for every weapon type and even armor.

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