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Warriors in PVP to BGs in WoW


If you are a new warrior and you are having some serious difficulty in PVP. You do not really know how to use your toon in PVP, especially BGs. You could gain wtfpwned and it feels like no matter what strategy you try, you could get killed over and over, and then you are almost always at the bottom of the list for damage done and killing blows. You could try to use a 2h and Berzkerker stance. You could try targetting clothies only. You do not even approach Paladins anymore because they get you to below 1/2 hp before you getting to melee range. 2h weapons seem too slow to even land hits on ppl who are running in circles. 1h seem to do no damage at all. You could try a support role, use Piercing Howl and Intimidating Shout to protect the flag carrier but the benefit seems minimal at best.

While if you have nothing to do with playing a warrior or with anything you are doing wrong. The reason you are getting destroyed, is because the lower level sell World Of Warcraft Gold brackets are full of twinks. Twinked characters have the best possible gear for their level, usually with ridiculously powerful enchantments. You have about 1.8k health, which is about average for level 39. Most level 39 twinks have between 2-3k health. But the point is, it's not you or your class. It's your gear. Finally, you can either work on getting better gear, or just leave the 30s bracket to the twinks and start leveling again.

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