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Practicing with WoW Beast


If you have no time to earn World of Warcraft gold, you can buy it from our website at the lowest price .We will try our best to help you. Here we would like to provide you some useful information on practicing with the Beast in WoW, and I got the source from other websites.

This is a good opportunity to try attacking a few mobs, which you could use your new pet to see what this is like. After you finish all three beast taming quests, you will select a pet to keep for a longer period of time, so you may want to see if one of these three is right for you. You have 15 minutes to practice with each pet you tame during this quest series.

After you complete this quest chain, you can also tame other critters you find wandering about. Indeed, you can tame most any beast you can find, assuming your level sell World Of Warcraft Gold is high enough, but you can only have one pet at a time with you. You will want to learn all about the stable masters Later on, essentially, boarding your pet there so that you can have multiple pets.

This is also a good time to find out how your pet reacts, especially when you change his status from Passive to Defensive or Aggressive. There may be times when you want your pet to stay by your side and not attack while you pull mobs, or not pull aggro from a mob, etc. You should note you do not have any beast training skills such as Feed Pet at this point, Call Pet, etc. You will not be able to feed your beast, so he will be unhappy with you and will ultimately run away if you do not dismiss him.

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