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PvP Basics on WoW Hunter



As a hunter, you have the advantage of ranged attacks and Wintergrasp keep provides you with plenty of places to fire at enemies from above. Here you can buy wow gold. Hunters who have invested in the Hawk Eye talent of the Survival tree, which can use their additional range to fire from the higher walls of the keep at the unfortunate enemies below. There are also cannons on the walls and towers that you can man to deal splash damage on the enemies below. These are useful for taking out players and siege engines alike and a skilled person can help push back an advancing attack.

When you reach the battle rank of Corporal, you can summon catapults at the Goblin Workshops within the keep. By the way, if you want to buy professional sell World Of Warcraft Gold, please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime. These deal splash damage to enemy units unfortunate enough to get caught in it is splash damage attacks. There are also lootable weapons called RP-GGs. These weapons can be used against enemy vehicles and are only for Wintergrasp.

When your faction controls the Wintergrasp Fortress, you can spend your hard earned Stone Keeper Tokens or Wintergrasp Mark of Honor currency at the Quartermaster. There is an assortment of useful items there that a hunter will find useful on this vendor. You could have listed of those below, but there are many more. PvP can be a lot of fun and you can gain a lot of good gear by smiting your enemies. However, some of better stuff takes a while to get, so be sure you smite those alliance dogs down every chance you get to gain a little honor. Alliance members, you feel free to try and smite any horde you come across too. Just swing at your own peril.

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