The most powerful stand-alone version of the history of online game
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The most powerful stand-alone version of the history of online game

Although in the LOTOR, the The  is not the most important.
I have access to the Internet game since 2002, and now calculate has seven years or more.
  Here to talk about my personal view is that Lord of the Rings some well places:
Lord of the Rings pictures really did not have to say, super rod, if the resort to high-quality images on the patch, it is the No.1 of all online games is not exaggerated. Vocational and skills set, quite better. Characteristics of various vocational skills have shown, and operable, the various professional gain or co-ordination of anti-Gain skills, more than most online games currently available on the market. Super multi-task is all the online games where I played the most tasks. Some characteristics of systems, such as characteristics of systems, team skills, or it has a certain appeal.
  As can be seen from above, Lord of the Rings is indeed a good game. But it highlights more reflected in the players fight against monsters, rather than a confrontation between gamers. The online game should have most of the pains and sorrow, the competition between players in this game is not outstanding, so that the game is more like a stand-alone game or LAN game.
  If the game according to the network point of view, the majority of players in domestic psychological, Lord of the Rings count up to intermediate level of.
  Online games as time goes on, gold will continue to move, I think this game will become even more prominent, because the consumption of gamers is only a small increase in the consumption of equipment and gold, so  will not depreciate too quickly. Some additional equipment to upgrade the system, there are more complex rules and random success rate, this is a lot of the mainstream online games lies its charm. This is to increase consumption, but also can invest a greater interest in the player. I am personally more interested in this side on.

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