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Change tasks during some level

  Rappelz Rupees describes a good sight to us, we all see how wonderful when we are outside, and we need well realize it to consider our feelings. I think as players, our experiences are very rich, I think we can talk them to each other, and doing that we can make a great progress in the game.
  Has not yet risen to the task done 30, you can do it reward task, a day five times the initial amount of money, experience more. Rose to 30, and the election profession is a problem, originally intended to choose a fire festival, but the general descend quickly, such as the tsunami monster, I would first take care of them, they chose soil Festival. The initial three wizard can be temporarily down, play earth gods, you attack slow, attack is not that low, but have thick skin, three minutes plus an anti-two minutes plus a blood, do not look at baby die, and I really do not call out of the soil to know baby What the difference with other babies is.
   I would like to upgrade, look for on a daily basis into the team, do not want to hang, plus defense, blood, plus defense, blood, hard work, 8 pm to 10 pm on the last convective clouds island fishing, find a corner, people do not make me, and I do not prisoners, if we are attacked, we re-find a corner to continue to brush the fish, the priest bad thoughts. have the attitude that one hope, rose to 45, rose to 45 calls woman, I find them every day after me, bother me, kill me who revenge.
Effort to 45, can not wait the point of woman, the convective clouds on the island, the results of days, or days, clouds, or cloud, still tried to kill me kill me, players who want to catch me is still chase me.

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