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Make sure you explore all the zones

 Make sure you explore all the zones you will be going to prior to completing any of the level 9 and 10 quests. You get a lot of experience for these quests and you could push yourself out of level 10 if you are not careful.
  On the Alliance side there is not much, but, there are a couple items definitely worth getting. Hand of Argus Crossfire is the only ranged weapon, in the 10-19 brackets, with stamina on it and I believe it has the highest dps on a ranged item, so this is probably your most important piece of gear if you decide on a Hunter. It can be obtained from the quest Blood Watch There is also a sword and a mace available as a reward form the same quest, so you might select one of those as your off hand weapon if you are a Rogue, but, you will be missing out on the only ranged slot weapon with stats at your level. I would take the Bow. Fist of the Peoples Militia is a nice mace and can be earned at level 9 from The People Milita quest in Westfall. This is probably your best weapon option. A hunter might opt for the 2handed Sword that is rewarded by this quest since it gives extra 5 stamina. The last item is for Warriors a Paladin. The Durable Chain Shoulders are obtained from a quest in Loch Modan, Wanted CholSul. You can get the quest at 9 and you will have a little armor edge on your Horde counterpart with this item.

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