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The most economical way for tailor to upgrade

The most consumed sell WOW Gold and the hardest to train life skill is the skill of tailor, it is what we all know in dofus practice.
  When a tailor reaches the highest level, at least 30 million of kamas need to be spent. (But now, many people choose to sell World Of Warcraft Gold, you can certainly do so). What often happened is that even you are rich of cheap kamas, there are not plenty of materials for you to choose to buy, so the upgrade options as possible consumption of materials, small and easy to collect material formulations.
Here I introduce a dofus money making approach for you to train from level 1 to level 10.
  First, choose Wooden Wings as a 1-10 grade leveling formula. Wood wings are the props needed in the task to visit on the island. It belongs to cloak category, the market price of wood wing is at around 1000 dofus kama , but this moment do not consider selling all of them, and do a good job to remain a small part of the wings of wood to sell, most of them could be direct selling to NPC, the kamas is more steadily.
  The formula is: 4 Ash Wood plus 10 Gen Flax Strings. This recipe belongs to hide the formula, you only need to create 194 to rose to level 10, and you can also buy dofus kamas directly, the cost of this formula is relatively much lower than the formula which uses white wool, black wool as leveling formula.
  Ash Wood prices are different in all districts, but usually about 20 sell Final Fantasy XI Gil. Flax String does not need to purchase directly; the most cost-effective way is to get access to the NPC to exchange it with flax.

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