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Some weapon and equipment skills

If you can good weapon and equipment and much dofus kamas, you can be easy to finish the task. Sometimes, you can get the better equipment with achat dofus, but now I will give you some skills to get good weapons and equipment.
  You will soon realize that people sell leathers and wools by cheap price, because they want to buy some weapon skill with achat kamas, better gear, house and other useless things. You can not sell your goods with the higher price and you think only you know the market price.
  After that, players will buy things from others, for much more, thus you are strengthening your competition. We always pay decent Acheter des Kamas for the resources we buy. This result in players farming for them with the only aim for selling them to me, and this alone gives us the significant advantage of being well supplied. Therefore we can upgrade faster than anybody else, make friends and constant suppliers, future customers. Spend more time around sell rooms and buy cheap resources which are required in crafts, and nobody needs them.
  At last, you can try to get much cheap in kamas, otherwise scrolling material which is required in two slots, such as mushrooms, thorns, larva skins, arachnids legs. This only applies if the given resource is sold by very low price, which is a rare thanks to scrolling freaks.
  You can keep on farming gob balls all the time and save every piece of leather, wool and war chief tongue you drop. Sell everything else unless you want to make one. Boar leather and acorns are about 200k achat kamas each, peaks 700-900k achat kamas and wild sunflower seeds 800-1000k.
  While this may not seem like much, if you farm only 20 a day, you will be making a decent amount of achat kamas.

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