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Happy day of WoW Online

 At first I did not know anything about wow gold. I only fight with the monster and increased the speed of fighting with the monster, but I have no money to buy medicines, gradually I have learned to earn money. After contacting several days I decided to practice a number, but during the period I met her, Dan baby.
  In the later lives with her accompanied have not separated from her .So I hard to practice the level, I wanted to marriage with her in the game. But if you wanted to marriage you should have the level at least 30.
  I have the level of 22, so I spent a whole night playing this game; at last I have got the level of 30. I went to buy gold for her and I used the gold to buy chocolate for her. Every time I work hard to practice the level and we played the game just like in the real life. Since we played the game and we have made a lot of friends. And in the real life we had a friendship.
  Surely we have a successful marriage. We loved each other deeply .We collected more equipment in this game together. Everyday we often played the wonderful game, and we taught some fresh gamer to play this game.
In fact we were all good at playing game. And we had a plan in this game; we wanted to trade the important gold. Because making a good performance, it was not lack of gold. And the necessary gold in the online game we would see some nice pictures and in the game we felt very well.
  We had a happy life in the virtual world. We really hope the time stops at this time, because that the wonderful online game is a very good game and it is worth to playing.

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