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About some duplicate in the WOW

You need much sell WOW Gold to finish the takes in all games, so it is very important how to get enough achat dofus. Of course, you can get more fun in the game with kamas. Now I will talk about the jelly duplicate.
The jelly duplicate is one of the most important duplicates in the dofus. It has no special duplicate entry and also has no the key the same as other duplicates. Now players can entry the jelly duplicate to use achat kamas.
Now I give you some ways to get duplicate Acheter des Kamas. The color gumdrop: you need let baker make. It needs three green gumdrops, four blue gumdrops and some achat kamas. The map of the jelly duplicate is the same as the jelly peninsula map. The sole difference is the mount of achat kamas.
Duplicate is divided into 11 layers in total and every lay has three jelly monsters. So you can entry the lay after killing one of monsters. You can get red, yellow, blue and green jelly pool after defeating monsters each time. You need dialogue with four royal jelly monsters when you are in the tenth lay.
After that, you will fight with one of the jelly monsters. Every lay has three monsters in the one level to nine levels. The plum jelly monster, strawberry jelly monster and mint jelly monster is all 5 C 43 levels. The lemon jelly monster is 5 C 53 levels. The eleventh lay monster: royal blue jelly is 50-58 levels. Royal mint jelly monster is 100 levels.
Royal strawberry jelly monster is 150 levels. Royal lemon jelly is 200 levels. You can depend on your level to fight jelly monsters. When you fight monsters, you can get some material, especial you can get achat kamas to fight royal strawberry jelly.

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