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I have joined in Dofus for a long time

If you do not have some sell WOW Gold, please come here to have a look at how I earn the money of this game. I have played this game for three years. I know the fastest way to earn the money of the game.
There are many magic you should learn. These are very important to get more gold. One should pay attention to what, LV6 task is to pass sometimes would lead to the pursuit of AMP hook claws, but do not want to fight white-not to fight, they pick up a basic salary of at least five dollars, so we pick up bar, but I do not rely on this make dofus gold.
  The primary task of the task of LV5, it was not then a high grade. But I will tell you that you are wrong. Tomb will be out this task props right, but a higher level of Tomb captain will be out! Hit 50 there are 1,500 dollars, even if you make can not afford to buy gold, the basic floor for at least 30 dollars each.
  Moreover, LV9 the same task is not only a werewolf will turn around, werewolves, deputy leader will be out, which between the two is the difference? High levels spike after the fact, all strange, but only one did not have 1 SP, one just off 10000 of weapons, but only one out 60000 weapons.
  Is there bad? Talking about, it will be out two that can be sold for 600 of the totem. LV11 task of fact, many people ignore, this is actually pay any task, think about playing 70 teeth had 3,500 dollars, a minimum basic salary of 50 dollars each, but you do not hit 50, playing an out five teeth.

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