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The comment on the game

plays an important role. The impressive online role-playing game marks the one game type. Dark Age of

Camelot is a stable, well-designed, interesting, and rich of rewards game. But it is not prepared for everyone.
  As the most onling RPG, it needs the more time than other games. If you can not dive youself into the unlimited game world, you can

not get the more fun.
  However, Dark Age of Camelot has a great concept. At the moment, there are thousands of plyers to join it, and the development

company promise that the game will become better and better.
  Dark Age of Camelot took place in the a period of chaos when the legendary king Arthur died, the Camelot pelple are called upon to

protect their contry against enemies invasion. It is funny that the game describes the conflict from three different angles - rather

than Camelot.
  In other words, in addition to the Albion kingdom that is the capital in the Camelot, the game set the focus on his two competitors

equally. Based on Celtic folklore of the exotic countries Hibernia, as well as Norway myth of barren continent Midgare. Dark Age of

Camelot invited the players to play the role of any party. An last, the players will develop into a role of aggression.
  In order to become strong enough, the players must beat the numerous evil through their own country to get extensive experience

value. Whether you choose stand front-line to against the enemy or not, the unique setting of Dark Age of Camelot will still creat

the true friendship between the players. They all have a common enemy.

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