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The experiment is over

, crafting serves its purpose in the sense that it can be used to create the best starting tear for level

50s. At first, I tried to play my old characters again: a level 50 spiritmaster and a level 49 shaman.
  Something I fond amusing was that I was still in my old guild from four year ago. Howeve3r, it was not the same guild I remember.

The helpful members from back in the day were no longer around. Instead, there were only a handful of players ever online, and they

were all elitist.
  If you asked them a question, they did not respond. And they had kick you from a group for one of the better members of the guild.

Better meaning older and elitist, because they were not actually deserving of their pride considering the terrible play.
  Let us go troll for kills around an enemy keep with an eight-person group, instead of intercepting roaming offenses and wiping them

with stun-PBAoE tactics. That is sarcasm, for non-DAOC players, because sitting around a keep in a small group with only one mediocre

healer is a death with. You should only do so if it seems vacant and you are trying to actually take the keep.
  Otherwise, keep your distance and try to catch people that actually leave the keep.
  I also rediscovered my hatred for the ML abilities you can get in the Trials of Atlantis expansion. Pardon me for thinking it is

stupid that an offensive raid never has to worry about AOE DOT because their low realm-ranked healers can just stand out of LOS next

to a power font and spam the fuck out of their group heal without having to worry.

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