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The experience for the new players

 is very attractive for the new Daoc players. And today I will introduce my experience to you, I hope it

can help you.
  Firstly: preparations
  A, press ESC, appear a window -> hot keys
  Next: 1. attack the selected targets and change into A
  2. Good friends Q
  3. Shift the running mode and change into space bar
  B, press ESC -> perspective control
  1. reversed level rotation, click
  2. reversed vertical rotation, click
  Secondly: upgrading ways
  Born in the newcomer village. Select Wentehuopu and enter into it. Run into the upper-right (361,187) and kill the spider to 2

levels. And then run to the place (364, 190 ) to kill Lizardman ( abbreviated CE), and get to 5 levels. When you get to 5 levels, run

from the left of Wen town to the place (346, 185 ) and kill the Goblin to 10 levels. You can out of newcomer village when you get to

10 levels.
  At this moment, there is a shortcut way that is to press W, and click occupation and Druid. There are so many people in the list.

You must find Druid who are higher than 60 levels, and use T XXX to format him.
  Tell him that you are a newcomer, and ask him to teach you how to train level. It is fast upgrade to kill two-headed monsters. So

you had better to ask him which monsters he kill before train level.
  When you get to 30 levels, you can go to CE.

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