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The best weapons and war equipment selection 313

Head:crown projection goggles or hurt?
  2 tall are quite good, soldiers generally think in sw hit saturation, more good egg head
  Necklace: Hard Khorium Choker of Endless Nightmares or necklace?
  I prefer Hard Khorium, although the difference between intensity and violence of some, but the rapid and the presence of Sunder and slots make it win, hitting is still not what we need to concern
  Shoulder: Fury shoulder armor
  This was nothing to discuss, nothing can be better than t6.5 shoulders
  Cloak: Cloak of original sin Ibid
  Breastplate: Hard Khorium or reckless anger Battlegear Battlegear
  I chose to sunder armor and rapid, so forging win chest
  Wrist: Bracers Charge
  The best choice, no one
  Gloves: Frontier King boxing gloves or a hardening of krypton?
  I chose the frontier, crit + hit + armor rapid contrast, I have no doubt will choose the former
  Belt: Emergency belt or red belt fighting
  I feel this is the most difficult choice, sell WOW Gold red has a higher intensity of the fighting, but t6 is more comprehensive value, let me choose I would choose red fighting belt, two belts actually not much difference, give up wow power leveling a hit elsewhere , I chose to fight from the red back belt up

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