Ken ice plug on the 3rd death whisper Ms Boss Raiders
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Ken ice plug on the 3rd death whisper Ms Boss Raiders

Ken ice plug on the 3rd death whisper and Kel'Thuzad Boss BOSS fighting two very similar processes, which include the powerful magic damage from the wall to protect the brush out Xiaoguai BOSS, and lots of teamwork. In fact I think that the death of Ms. Wu Wang whisper fortress of the first layer hardest BOSS, which let her have a more appropriate comparison Kel'Thuzad.
  Ms. death whisper into two stages of the fighting. sell FFXI Gil When you're near her palace, you will immediately notice her standing on a table. She was surrounded by a huge magic shield. To be near her, you have to destroy the magic shield. When you clean out the way forward magic shield, she will act immediately, and start fighting with you.
  Of course, you can not in her castle by the slightest disturbance. When you are hurt when the Magic Shield, will call out all around the room Xiaoguai. They need to be anti-tank live in a very specific method of kill, otherwise it will constantly refresh Xiaoguai and ultimately defeat your team.

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