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District team plague ice cap treatment guidelines

As the ice shop Date First City Cypriot plague getting closer, to provide for the elimination of these two wicked some treatment tips, How does it feel? I think these two strange being, the concept of bad intestinal easy to understand, but difficult to kill them. Ready to treat it, because it will bring great pressure on the treatment team.
  Your team has minutes to beat him, sell Final Fantasy XI Gil or he will destroy you. The number of occupational therapy to down 5. More severe if the DPS team, the team can have six to ensure the stability of occupational therapy. If possible, make use of group therapy, and there is a treatment specifically to give Tanke Jia blood should be enough.
  Life is rotten intestines 42,000,000. This requires your team to have at least 140,000 of the DPS. Has 19 DPS (assuming there are five treatment and one tank) in the case, each person takes about more than 7300 of the DPS. Black intestinal really new Paqiweike!

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