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33WLK Shadow pastor RAID output concepts and practices

Simple words, the output of the main strategy is perfect to keep DOT, not as seamless overwrite last dive, get as much free time filled heart burst and flogging
  I accelerated and engineering insights Enchantment
  Acceleration is not a blind piled property, you have to take into account the increased speed when you get what was lost, the equipment, sell World Of Warcraft Gold valued the whole property.
  Example, we have only two components is not fixed, then select a speed / spirit with a speed / hit may not be as a hit / crit plus a crit / speed up the match.
  As the speed is only reduced the role of interval DOT DOT does not improve the injury, I think the law is still superior to accelerate wound properties.
  Engineering an accelerated opening minute enchant is indeed good, but the reasons stated above, I think you might need for this enchant will be other advantages to engineering professionals.
  I do not believe this. Because in 3 years, I test the output target seems to be higher than the value before the change professional.
  Actually work shoes can take the initiative to open The speed is more attractive. For example, TOC herd, the Zhuang Fei shoes after use to accelerate the output from the crash or post moves are very big advantage. But it also hit with a little problem with.

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